Very Young Children
We have a special area – furnished and decorated – at the rear of church which is specifically for very young children and their parents who, perhaps, find sitting in the pews too restrictive. This area is well-lit and carpeted, near the toilet and has some soft toys, books and drawing materials for the children. There also are chairs for parents to sit close by their children.

Children’s Liturgy
Judith Dryhurst writes: For  children 5  to  8  years old who have not yet made their First Holy Communion,  we  offer  a  separate  Liturgy  of  the  Word, adapted  and  suitable  for  their  needs. Younger siblings are welcome  too, accompanied  by  an  adult.

The  focus  during   these  short   sessions is  on  an  interpretation  of  the  Sunday  Gospel  in a relaxed  and  child  centred  way,  combining  simple  prayers ,songs, sharing  of  news,  storytelling  and   art work.  We  aim to  create  a  cheerful, warm  and  safe  environment for  the  children   to  learn of   God’s  Goodness  and  Love.

After about 20  minutes,  we  all   re-join the   congregation   for   Mass  in  the Procession  of  Gifts.

For further information   contact:

Ruth on (0191)  2819514
Judith on  (0191)  2810355

Older Children
Social events for children age 8+ are organised each half term for the children to get together and have fun.  A Family Weekend is in planning for later this year. For further information about the next event, please contact Ruth Gibson on (0191) 281 9514 or Maria Mroz on 284 2119.

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