Our friendly group – which can have up to 16/17 members – usually meets on the third Wednesday of the month in the church hall on Towers Avenue at 7 pm. Do come and enjoy the beauty and variety of the English language with our friendly and lively group.

From Judith Dryhurst:

During the lockdown members have circulated their choice of poems on the theme of Wanderings. We have had an enjoyable Zoom meeting and wil have a further one on the theme of ‘Anger’ in August.

In February we had the theme of Faithlessness and in January theme was Hope.

In November we had a ‘free for all’, members sharing published poems of their own choice. In October our choice of theme was Birds.

After the summer break we met in September with the theme of Water.  Our meeting was overshadowed by the tragic death in an accident of one of our faithful members, Nick Broome. We extend our deepest condolonces to his wife, Susanna.

In July our theme was Elegy and in June was Making. 

Previously, and as part of the Jesmond Community Festival in May, our members were delighted to welcome several visitors, with poems, to our meeting on 15 May. As usual we enjoyed a celebration of glittering words and images from gifted poets: Shakespeare, Francis Thomas, Alice Oswald, John Betjeman, John Drinkwater, Seamus Heaney, D H Lawrence and, of course, our new Poet Laureate, Simon Armitage.

All are welcome, with or without a previously published poem, to join our informal and merry group. A glass of wine or fruit juice is on hand to help promote conviviality.

Please note that the following ground rules apply to our meetings:

  • Everyone is welcome, with or without a poem.
  • As the meeting only lasts 90 minutes and with numbers often as high as 16 or 17, out of courtesy and respect, no-one should speak for longer than 5 minutes. This time is to include any introduction to the poem and the discussion that follows afterwards.
  • One of the best aspects of this group is the wide range of published poetry included at each meeting. This is to be welcomed and applauded.



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