On Mondays silent Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament takes place in church from 9 to 9.25 am.  You are welcome to spend as little or as long as you wish gathering your thoughts, thinking problems through or quietly praying for God’s help.

Girls and boys who have made their First Holy Communion and adults – male and female – are welcome to assist the priest at the altar with the celebration of Mass. Training is offered by a senior altar server in the presence of parents or other family members. For further information, contact the Parish Priest

The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick is for people suffering either an illness or the various conditions and ailments due to ageing. It dates from the ministry of Christ’s apostles and first disciples – it is actually referred to in the New Testament Letter of St James – and consists of the laying on of hands, anointing with Holy Oil, and a prayer that asks God to heal and ‘raise up’ the sick person. This Sacrament is for the LIVING and is not to be confused with the ‘Last Rites’. It asks God to grant healing with the hoped-for effect that, if it be God’s will, the person will be physically healed of illness. But even if there is no physical healing, the primary effect of the sacrament is a spiritual one by which the person receives the blessing of acceptance, peace and courage to deal with the difficulties that accompany illness or the frailty of getting old. If you are in needs of God’s healing grace – in mind or body – you are very welcome to receive the sacrament. Please contact the Parish Priest  for further information.

The names of your deceased family members can be recorded in the weekly Parish Newsletter in the week of the anniversary of their death. They also can be included in the General Intercessions (Bidding Prayers) at Sunday Mass. Please give their names to Fr Campion in good time beforehand or email the Parish Office

Members and Friends of Holy Name visit exhibitions locally and further afield, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, York and London. For further details, visit our Arts and Galleries page or contact Catherine Hearne by email

See the entry for Mission Boxes below.

Any immigrant claiming asylum in the UK is “processed” – claimants are questioned, photographed and fingerprinted. They are then dispersed around the UK including the North East where they are allocated modest accommodation – a room or share of a room- and given £36 per week while their asylum claim is decided upon. They are not allowed to work. If their claim is recognised their status becomes that of a refugee with the same rights as a UK citizen. If they get a negative decision, they lose their accommodation and allowance. Most become destitute and homeless. (Families with children are protected by the Children Act as are those who have serious illness). For further information, please refer to the entry  ‘Refugee Service’ below.


Please refer to the Baptism section.

The Holy Name Book Club meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month in the Hall on Towers Avenue. The Club is open to all members of the community – you do not have to be Catholic to take part. Over a glass of wine we have riveting discussions of the books chosen by the group. Admission is free and all are welcome. Visit the Book Club page.

The 40th Newcastle Brownies meet at Holy Name on a Tuesday from 6.00pm to 7.30pm (term time only).   The age group for Brownies is 7 – 10 years.  Anyone interested in joining the Brownies may contact Catarina Davidson or email Alternatively, you may register via Join Us on the Girlguiding website:

Following a cremation, the Catholic Church has a Rite for the Burial of Ashes. This short ceremony – which can take place sometime after the funeral – is held with the family and friends of the deceased at a place of their choosing. For further information, please contact the Parish Priest


Catechists are parishioners who teach and assist children and adults with learning more about elements of our Catholic faith. In Holy Name, catechists prepare parents for the baptism of their children, prepare children and young people for First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation, and lead the Children’s Liturgy on Sundays during morning Mass. Parishioners interested in this ministry will be warmly welcomed; please contact the Parish Priest  for further details.

If you have not done so already, or if you have changed address in recent years, please take one of the Census Forms at the back of church and complete it as soon as possible.  We need to keep our record of parishioners and their contact details up-to-date. The information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence and will not be shared with any outside organisations.

CHILDREN – Very Young
We have a dedicated area at the back specifically for very young children and their parents who, perhaps, find sitting in the pews too restrictive. This area has some soft toys, books and drawing materials. It needs replenishing from time to time and all offers of help from parents will be gratefully received.

A separate Liturgy of the Word, adapted and suitable for young children, is held on Sunday during 10 am Mass for children who have not yet made their First Holy Communion. The children rejoin the Mass congregation in the Procession of Gifts. The Children’s Liturgy runs during term time for 4-8 year olds with younger children welcome if accompanied by an adult.  For further information contact Ruth Gibson on (0191) 281 9514 or

Social events for children age 8+ are organised each half term for the children to get together and have fun.  For further information about the next event, please contact Ruth Gibson (0191) 281 9514 or Maria Mroz  (0191) 284 2119.

Do you enjoy singing and, perhaps, wish to learn more about music? If so, why not consider joining our choir which sings at the Sunday 10 o’ clock Mass. Rehearsals take place in the church in summertime on Mondays from 6.15 to 7.30 pm and in the Hall in winter months.. All ages and voices are welcome and don’t worry if you can’t read music – all the parts are learned separately. For more details, visit the Choir page or contact Tessa Burton Roberts at

With Jesmond Methodist Church (St George’s Terrace), Jesmond United Reformed Church (Burdon Terrace) and the Anglican Churches of St George’s (St George’s Close), St Hilda’s (Thornleigh Road) and Holy Trinity (Churchill Gardens), Holy Name forms part of Churches Together in Jesmond. We share the common mission of proclaiming Christ’s Gospel and serving Him in people who are in need. We take part in ecumenical meetings and Services throughout the year and seek to play an active part in the life of the wider community.

The cleaners are volunteers who vacuum and brush the floors, dust and polish the benches, and keep the toilet (with disabled access) at the rear of the church clean and in good order. This ministry – which is so easily taken for granted – is open to all and no special skills are required.

Freshly brewed filter coffee and tea are served in the Hall on Towers Avenue after Sunday morning Mass. Donations of 50p per cup (or more!) are given from time to time to the local Diocesan Refugee Project which, along with St Cuthbert’s Care and CAFOD, is one of the parish’s adopted charities.

Being a member of friend of Holy Name, as well as taking part in Mass, should be an uplifting experience. If you are dissatisfied with the service you receive or with any aspect of parish life, please let the Parish Priest know. Our members’ satisfaction is paramount.

This is the third of the sacraments that constitute the Sacraments of Initiation i.e. the completion of the process of full entry into the Church. In this diocese it is celebrated following Baptism and First Holy Communion but delayed until young people are in their second year at Secondary School. For further details, please contact the Parish Priest

New members are always welcome to assist with counting the various collections held in church throughout the year. For further information, contact Jim White on (0191) 285 2284 or the Parish Office

This provides the opportunity for parishioners to meet informally on visits to the theatre and music venues, such as the Sage. A list of activities is provided twice a year and suggestions are always welcome. For further information contact Mary on (0191) 281 4519 or Madeleine 07964 178 422.



The Art of Dying Well is a new website that aims to help people make spiritual preparation for death. The website includes sections on planning for death and what a good death looks like. As well as practical advice such as making a will and funeral planning, the site contains spiritual guidance, prayers and reflections. It has sections for people who are facing death personally, people who face losing a loved one and doctors and nurses involved in their care. The Bishops have invited people to post pictures and memories of loved ones who have died to its Instagram account, @artofdyingwell, throughout November. Their names and photographs will be shared with five convents and abbeys where people will pray for them.

When you donate to Holy Name Church, your generosity does make a difference.  You can donate in a number of ways but our preferred method is by Standing Order (which you arrange with your bank). This is by far the most convenient method for us as it reduces the workload of the volunteer counters. It also means that we do not have to hold large sums of money on the premises. All donations are gratefully received and in the spirit in which they are given. For further details, see ‘Gift Aid’ below.


Our Hall has a large screen and excellent sound facilities. All are welcome to join our film club – admission is free and you are welcome to take along your own refreshments. Please refer to the Newsletter or Film Club page for up-to-date screenings.

This committee shares with the parish priest in the financial management of the parish. Members have some expertise and experience in financial matters. The current members are: Michael Howard (Chair), John Devine, Bernard Kent, Paul Lee, Tony McPhillips, Margaret Platt, John Welsh and Jim White. New members are always welcome. For further information, contact the Chair on (0191) 281 5769 or any member of the committee.

A Preparation Programme led by Mrs Cathy Corcoran takes place annually, beginning in January, for parish children who attend non-Catholic schools. Children must be aged 8+ (by June) to take part. For further information, contact the Parish Priest

The flower arrangers decorate the church with attractive displays according to the major liturgical seasons. Anyone interested in arranging flowers is welcome to contact one of the sacristans or the parish priest.

Fridays in the Catholic Church are set aside as a special day of penitence because it is the day of the week when Our Lord suffered and died for us. On Fridays Catholics are asked to abstain from meat, or some other form of food, or to observe some other form of self-denial or penance. This Friday penance can be fulfilled simply by abstaining from meat or some other food of which we regularly partake and uniting it with Christ in His sacrifice on the Cross. Those who cannot or choose not to eat meat as part of their normal diet are asked to abstain from some other food.

It is not unusual for Funeral Masses at Holy Name to have few people in attendance, and remaining family members may not be Catholic.  Even at the larger funerals, there may not be many who can actively participate in the Mass responses and in singing the hymns.  The Funeral Ministry at Holy Name is for church members to provide a strong presence at funerals in church. Through participation in the Mass and assistance with the various liturgical ministries and rituals, our presence also can offer much needed support to the family members. ‘Burying the dead’ is one of the Corporal Works of Mercy and this is a ministry that offers a practical way of doing this in a caring and sensitive manner. The Funeral Ministry is open to everyone and if you wish to join it, please contact Fr Campion – in person, by telephone (0191) 281 0940 or by email at the Parish Office

Parishioners who are taxpayers and who make weekly/monthly/yearly contributions to the parish are encouraged to sign a Gift Aid declaration. By doing so, they enable their parish to claim from the Inland Revenue – at no extra cost to themselves – 25p for every £1 they contribute. This is a valuable source of income for the parish which, in recent years, is helping to reduce the parish debt by £9,000+ per year. For further information, contact the Parish Office

Holy Name has extensive grounds and over 100 established trees, some 80 years old. Throughout the year, especially in autumn and winter, there are a lot of leaves to gather! Any help with landscaping, gardening and making the church exterior and grounds more attractive will be warmly welcomed. For details, contact Martin Lamont or the Parish Office

The 2nd Jesmond Guides meets in the Hall on Tuesdays during term time from 7.30-9.15 pm. The age group is 10 – 14 years.    There are 15 at present in the group which can take a maximum of 20.  For further information contact Pauline Cogan on (0191) 2366493 or at


In addition to a range of events held weekly in the Centre, the Hall is available for hire, including for children’s parties. For further information on availability and charges, contact the Parish Office telephone (0191) 281 0940 or visit the Hall Hire page.

We have a moral and a legal duty to ensure that our buildings comply with all statutory safety and health requirements. Risk Assessments are regularly carried out to all elements of our buildings. Parishioners with relevant expertise or experience in this field are welcome to contact Michael Anderson or the Parish Office

Here are six charities in the region supporting homeless people:

Crisis Skylight Newcastle  – helps with shelter, counselling, advice and skills for employment.  telephone (0191) 222 0622
Depaul UK Nightstop NE – provides emergency accommodation in the homes of local volunteers    telephone (0191) 253 6161
People’s Kitchen Newcastle – a lifeline of food, friendship and future for the most vulnerable in our city     telephone (0191) 222 0699
Emmaus North East – provides a home community and meaningful work for homeless people, from which they can move on.    telephone (0191) 497 5302
Changing Lives Newcastle (Cyrenians) – helpsover 14,000 people a year to overcome their problems and live safe, independent lives.   telephone (0191) 273 8891
St Vincent de Paul – provides crisis and transitional accommodation supporting vulnerable and socially excluded people, helping them to reach their full potential  0191 261 6027

If you are going into hospital, you need to notify the Catholic Chaplains directly if you wish them to visit you.  For the Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) & Freeman Hospital, telephone (0191) 232 6953 or call (0191) 445 2072 for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.


At Holy Name Church we seek to reach out to alienated and inactive Catholics. In the spirit of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, and Pope Francis we welcome all to our home. The Parish Priest is available to assist anyone who is inactive in the life of the Church and wishes to explore the meaning and practice of our faith.

If there is someone you wish to be prayed for at Mass, please put his/her name in the Intercessions Book located in front of the Lady Altar. Alternatively, you may email your request to the Parish Office


In the spirit of the Gospel, our parish is committed to working for social justice in whatever ways are open to us. We support three charitable projects through the year – the Diocesan Refugee Project, which provides for failed asylum seekers awaiting deportation – and many of them in destitution – on Tyneside; St Cuthbert’s Care, our diocesan social care charity; and CAFOD, the official Catholic agency in England and Wales for relieving poverty and promoting development overseas. At Christmas time we support Amnesty International’s work for Prisoners of Conscience. We also support Open Gate, the charity that provides mentoring and befriending support to women offenders leaving prison and who are returning to the North East. In addition to supporting these charities, parishioners contribute to a number of retiring collections throughout the year requested by the Bishop. These include the annual Mission Appeal. For further details, please contact John Waddell on  (0191) 281 5143.

In recent years, Holy Name supported a project for the education of 8 children at Lubancho House in Zimbabwe, run by the Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood.  It cost around $400 (dollars) per year to educate the eight children and in total Holy Name parishioners contributed £6,669.


The Last Rites are the Prayers for the Dying which a priest offers by a dying person’s bedside.  In these prayers the Church commends the person to God’s mercy, asks forgiveness for his/her sins, and prays that his/her “home this day may be with God in heaven”.  Please don’t hesitate to contact the parish priest if someone is dying and would appreciate the support of this ministry.

As a parish we have benefited greatly in recent years from the generosity of deceased parishioners which has enabled us to do works on the church, for example, we could never have done otherwise. A gift in your Will costs you nothing now but one day it will make a significant difference to the on-going work of our parish. After you have made provision for your family and friends, leaving a legacy to your parish not only gives us the vital financial security we need in order to plan future work and develop long-term projects, it is also one of the most tax-efficient ways of giving. Gifts to charity are exempt from:

  • Inheritance tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Income Tax

Leaving a legacy simply means inserting an extra short paragraph (clause) in your will. We would always suggest that you use a qualified solicitor to assist you with this. For anybody who would like further information we have prepared a helpful and informative leaflet “Leaving a Legacy” which is available at the back of church.


Every parish pays a levy, based on its offertory income and Mass attendance, to the diocese for a range of central services provided for all parishes – for schools, safeguarding, gift aid, bishop’s office etc. The 2018/19 levy for the Holy Name parish is nearly £10,000, the equivalent of about eight Sunday collections.

If you know of anyone who needs transport to Mass, please contact the Parish Priest . If you are willing to help organise a more formal system of car lifts, we’d be very pleased to hear from you.


Couples intending to be married in the parish should contact the Parish Priest  as early as possible. For further details about getting married at Holy Name, visit the Getting Married page under ‘Sacraments’.

A special way for Catholics to remember someone – for a birthday, an anniversary or in thanksgiving for something – is to have a Mass celebrated for them on a day of their choice, including Sundays. All you need do is write the person’s name (or event) and the date of your choice on an envelope (available at the back of church) and then place it in the offertory collection basket. There is no ‘charge’. Alternatively, you may send an email with the details to the Parish Office

Donations (and spare change!) placed in the Red Mission Boxes support the Mill Hill Missionary Fathers in their work overseas. Mission boxes are available for keeping in your home and emptying quarterly. For further details, contact Paul Lee on (0191) 281 6833.


Open Gate is a small charity based in a house just outside Low Newton Prison in Durham. Project workers and volunteer mentors visit the women in the prison and maintain a regular support when they are discharged, often having to begin life again. We help them continue this very important work by donating women’s clothing, kitchen equipment (including surplus irons, kettles, toasters) and working “pay as you go” mobile phones with chargers.


A new Parish Council was formed in 2015, consisting of 12 members of the congregation who were nominated by fellow parishioners. The Council meets every three months and shares with the Finance Committee and the parish priest in the management and development of the parish. The chair is Catherine Hearne supported by her deputy Clare Roberts. The other members are Michael Anderson, Aaron Gamboa, Madeleine Hardy, Michael Howard, Roy Stanley, Tony McPhillips, Nick Stonor and John Waddell.

This voluntary organisation, based at Bath Lane in Newcastle city centre, was founded in 1986 to support homeless and disadvantaged people. It has volunteers of all ages, from all walks of life but more help is always needed. The People’s Kitchen is supported by a range of Churches in Newcastle and you are welcome to visit at any time.

The Piety Stall at Holy Name is open mostly on Sunday mornings. It has a good selection of cards for all occasions, missals, and many other items, all at competitive prices. For more information, contact Imelda Anderson or the Parish Office

The  Poetry  Group meets in the Hall, Towers Avenue, on the third Wednesday of the month. We usually choose a theme which inspires  a  fascinating  range  of  readings  for sharing and discussing – over a glass of wine – with the members of the group.  We  find, as  always,  that  the  process  of  choosing  a  poem  relevant  to  the  theme,  as  well  as  the  shared  personal  explanation  for   that  particular  choice,  enhances  our  understanding  and  pleasure  in  the  listening. Do  join  us, with  or  without  a  poem,  for  our  next  meeting – you will be most welcome. For more details visit the Poetry Group page.

Prayer Group

From Ruth Gibson: We are a small group of parishioners who pray for the parish and any other needs presented.  Our group meets fortnightly in the church’s small chapel on a Tuesday from 7-7.45pm and you will be most welcome to join us. We begin with a prayer to the Holy Spirit, followed by a short reflection.  Then we read the Gospel of the day and reflect in silence on it, sometimes sharing thoughts on what it says to us.  We then have intercessory prayer and finish with the Lord’s Prayer and the Sign of Peace.


The 2nd Jesmond Rainbows meets in the Parish Hall on Tuesdays in term time  from 5.00 to 6.00pm. The girls taking part, aged 5-6 years, are the youngest section of Girl Guiding. For further information, please contact Claire McGahan at

Readers proclaim the Word of God (readings from Sacred Scripture) during Mass. The Office of Reader in the Church is a lay ministry and in our parish it is open to all. With support and training, anyone can read in church. If you are interested in becoming a Reader, please contact the Parish Priest

Tea and freshly brewed filter coffee are served in the Hall on Sundays after 10 am Mass, providing parishioners with the opportunity to meet and enjoy each other’s company. If you are willing to join the Rota for assisting with this, contact Madeleine on 07964 178 422

The Diocesan Refugee Project began in 2001 with the simple aim of welcoming and caring for people from all over the world who arrive, destitute, on our doorstep seeking asylum. A Drop-In Centre was opened first at St Joseph’s Church in Benwell, Newcastle. This now operates from Our Lady of Lourdes Deaf Centre, 2 Summerhill Grove, Newcastle NE4 6EE. These services support up to 600 refugees from nearly 30 different countries. Each refugee receives £5 a week and a food parcel from the service.The food is donated by parishes and schools throughout the diocese. Financial contributions are made also by priests, parishes, Justice and Peace Groups, schools and individuals. Parishioners at Holy Name donate tinned meat or fish (in oil) or dried goods for the food parcels on the first Sunday of the month. They also make financial contributions from time to time and donate clothing or personal care items. If you wish to help the poorest group among us in any way (smallest donation, simplest tasks) please contact John Waddell on (0191) 281 5143

Sacristans prepare the church for Mass and other Services . They also deal with the daily tasks of looking after vestments, sacred vessels, altar linen, candles and various furnishings. For further information, please contact the parish priest.

Here at The Holy Name Church we operate a safe parish. The parish priest and everyone involved in Church activities must operate according to a strict Code of Conduct where children, young people and vulnerable adults in church settings are concerned. All church helpers must have clearance from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) in order to prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children. If at any time you have any concerns about a person’s behaviour with children or vulnerable adults, please contact Madeleine Hardy, our parish Safeguarding Officer, on  07964 178 422 or contact the Parish Priest

Our Parish Secretary, Barbara Cooper, works on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9.15am to 2.30pm. Her role incorporates all the the administration work of the parish and assisting with its management and development. You may contact Barbara at the Parish Office or on (0191) 281 0940

St Cuthberts Care is our diocesan social welfare agency, a long-established Catholic charity working across the north east of England. Its work is sensitive, highly specialised and diverse, focusing mainly upon residential care for children, short and long-term fostering, provision for people with profound disabilities, nursing homes and care for older people. The charity has a 400-strong staff team, is managed by a chief executive and is governed by a board of 12 Trustees who are drawn from all parts of the region.

Our parish supports the work of St Cuthbert’s Care principally through the Advent and Lenten Alms Appeals. For further information about the work the charity does in our name, please visit .

The Holy Name is one of eight local Christian Churches that provides a Service at the hospice on a Sunday at 4.00pm.  The Service provides the opportunity to pray for those who are ill, for their families and friends, the staff and for intentions left by staff in the Chapel. The Service lasts between 20-30 minutes and all are welcome. For further information, contact  Madeleine on 07964 178 422.


If you wish to be well informed, The Tablet is the outstanding British Catholic weekly newspaper that reports on current affairs, politics, religion, social issues, literature and the arts. It is priced at £2.90 and is available by subscription from

The Afternoon Tea Club is taking a break and is looking at new ideas to take forward into the autumn. If you are interested in either taking part, helping out, or have a good idea on how can re-shape and re-launch the club, please drop contact the Parish Office or call  (0191) 281 0940.

Our theatre group enables parishioners and their friends to meet informally on visits to the theatre and music venues, such as the Sage, the Theatre Royal, Northern Stage, the People’s Theatre and the Tyneside Cinema. Visit our Theatre Group page or contact Mary on (0191) 281 4519 or Madeleine 07964 178 422.

In October 2016, 34 people visited Krakow and in October 2017 we spent five days in Amsterdam. A trip to Iseo, Italy will take place in October 2018. If you and any of your friends are interested in joining our trips abroad, please email the Parish Office


Welcomers greet people as they enter the church, provide them with service leaflets, hymn books and newsletters. This is an increasingly important ministry in the Catholic Church and one we all need to foster. For further details, please contact Madeleine Hardy on 07964 178 422.

Membership of our Wine Club is open to all members and friends of Holy Name. You will be most welcome to join us. We meet about once a month to taste wines from all over the world.  The charge is £10 to cover the cost of wine and nibbles. Contact Anthony or Carmel on or visit the Wine Club page

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