Membership of our Wine Club is open to all members and friends of Holy Name, as well as their guests. You will be most welcome to join us.

Our next tasting on Friday 24 January 2020 will focus on wines from the Loire Valley. Tickets, priced £10, are on sale after Mass today.

In December 2019 we had a selection of wines suitable for celebrating Christmas. In October we concentrated on the winning wines in the 2019 World Wine Awards.

In September 2019 we featured wines suitable for late summer and autumn drinking chosen by Fr Campion. The event will was in aid of the St Anthony’s Youth Education Service which we are supporting in our 90th anniversary year. It raised £625. Known locally as “The Bostey”, it is a small charity supporting children, young people and their families in Walker and the areas surrounding the Catholic parish of St Anthony’s. Tickets, £10 each, are on sale from Sunday 18 August. All are welcome.

Prior to our Annual Dinner on 12 July 2019, our tasting on Friday 24 May was a sampling of lighter wines, including some with lower alcohol, for drinking over the summer months.

On Friday 8 March 2019 we sampled a stunning selection of vintage wine donated for a special tasting and raffle.  All proceeds – nearly £1,000 – from the evening were for charity, including The Bostey in St Anthony’s, Walker, and the Holy Name Appeal for the forthcoming capital works. We are most grateful to Clare Roberts for providing the wines.

On Friday 25 January 2019 we featured a range of red and white wines which offer good value. In November 2018 we sampled wines suitable for Christmas. We enjoyed them all!.

In October 2019 we are visiting Aix-en-Provence for a five day outing. In October 2018 we had a most enjoyable outing to northern Italy which included trips to two vineyards and the tasting of three vineyards in all.


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