Membership of our Wine Club is open to all members and friends of Holy Name, as well as their guests. You will be most welcome to join us.

After the lockdown was imposed, members have been holding virtual tastings via Zoom.

Our next tasting will take place on Tuesday 22 September at 7.30 pm. In advance of the ‘meeting’ three members will have recommended a sparkling or rosé,  a white and a red for members to taste at their leisure and then discuss at the meeting.

The virtual tastings so far have been most enjoyable and a great success. For more details, contact Fr Campion.

In October 2019 we visited Aix-en-Provence for a five day outing which included a visit to a vineyard. In October 2018 we had a most enjoyable outing to northern Italy which included trips to two vineyards and the tasting of three vineyards in all.


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