Let the Church always be a place of mercy and hope, where everyone is welcomed, loved and forgiven. ~ Pope Francis

Please remember the following who are ill –  Anne Carter, Angela Dangerfield, Grace McCombie, Frank McCombie, Simon Davis, Jack Leonard, Mary O’Brien, Beppe Mingarini, Peter Lindblom, Susan Greener, Christopher Levant, Ambrose Mulroy, Mary Drinkald, Kathleen Belshaw, Claire Lamont, Christine Wickens, Jane Noble, Ian Smith, Paul Stanford, Michael Prindiville, John Regan, Mark Holder, Willie Cusker, Alice Hagman, Melvyn Elbury and Ian Peacock. May the Lord grant them comfort, strengthen them in their weakness, take away their fear and give them his peace.

Requiescant in Pace – Danny Sharpe whose Requiem Mass will take place on Thursday at 10.15am; and for Susan Callaghan whose Requiem Mass is on Friday at 12.45pm. Please note you must reserve a place to take part in these funerals.

Saturday / Sunday 15/16 January 2022

Homily, Second Sunday of the Year (C) 2022

Holy Mass 15 – 23 January 2022 and Intentions
Saturday – 4pm (public) – Pro Populo
Sunday -10am (public) – Monsignor Kevin Nichols (A)
Monday – No Mass
Tuesday – 10am (public) – Fr Kevin Daly RIP
Wednesday – No Mass
Thursday – 10.15am (public) – Requiem for Danny Sharpe RIP 
Friday – 12.45pm (public) – Requiem for Susan Callaghan RIP
Saturday – 4pm (public) – Priest’s Intention
Sunday – 10am (public) – Pro Populo

Change to Mass Bookings – For the past 18 months or so we have been asking people to reserve places for all public Masses so that we might accommodate everyone safely. Lately, we have been reviewing our Mass booking procedures and in light of the fewer numbers taking part on Tuesdays and Saturdays, we have decided to trial for one month a return to more ‘normal’ Mass attendance practice. We can do this because people now automatically adopt social distancing when coming into church, wear face coverings and sanitise their hands.  As this has become the norm, we feel confident that anyone coming into church will continue to follow these protocols. Consequently, and with effect from Tuesday 18 January until 12 February, there will be no need to reserve a place for Tuesday and Saturday Masses. During this time we will monitor the situation with a view to continuing the practice beyond the trial period. It also means that the role of stewards will change into one of welcoming rather than recording attendance. The parish secretary, Barbara, will write to our volunteers to explain what this means for them. Simply put, there will be no recording of attendance at the Tuesday and Saturday Masses. For the time being, we will continue with Mass reservations for Sunday morning Masses as these have more people taking part than the other Masses.  

I should be grateful for your co-operation with this change for Tuesdays and Saturdays, particularly if you are asked to move pews if the church is getting full and the stewards need to accommodate a larger group. As you will be able to choose your own seats, it also means that you will not be guaranteed the same seat you may have been occupying for some weeks. I’d be grateful also for your feedback on how this new arrangement works out during the trial period. ~ Fr Michael Campion

To reserve a place for Mass on Sundays please email  welcome@holynamejesmond.co.uk and state the number of people in your party.

Sunday is the anniversary of the death of Andrew Wyeth, born 1917, the American watercolourist and worker in tempera noted primarily for his realistic depictions of the buildings, fields, hills and people of his private world. He died in 2009.

– We welcome into the family of the Church baby Jacob Mcilvenna, second child of John and Lea, who is being baptised on Sunday.

The Sacrament of Baptism – It is the custom in the Catholic Church that, excluding exceptional circumstances, children are baptised either in the parish where their parents live or in the church in which their parent(s) take part regularly in Sunday Mass.

First Holy Communion – Welcome to Ben Hamilton and his family as he makes his First Holy Communion at the 4pm Mass on Saturday.

First Holy Communions 2022 – Classes for this year begin on Sunday 24 April from 2 to 3pm in the church hall and then for the following six weeks.  Children who are over seven years and have been baptised are eligible to take part. We will use a scheme developed in the Liverpool diocese in which parents will work closely with their children so one adult will need to attend the sessions.  We will, of course, work within the Government guidelines at the time. – Cathy Corcoran

Holy Name Poetry Group – The next meeting will be on Zoom again on Wednesday 19 January at 7pm with the theme of ‘Ice’.

Monday is the anniversary of the death of Mary Oliver, born 1935, the American poet whose work reflects a deep communion with the natural world. She died in 2019.


Sister Rita was sitting by her convent window one evening as she opened a letter from home. Inside was a £50 note from her parents. Sister Rita smiled but as she continued to read the letter by what was left of the last glimmers of daylight through her window, she noticed a shabbily dressed stranger leaning against a lamp post in the street below. Quickly she took a piece of paper and wrote, “Don’t despair – Sister Rita”. She then wrapped the £50 note in it and, having gotten the man’s attention, tossed the wrapped note out of the window to him. The stranger picked it up and read what was on the paper. He looked up, tipped his hat and slowly made his way down the street and into the darkness. Meanwhile, Sister Rita returned to her letter hoping he would use the money wisely. The following day, Sister Rita was told that there was a man at the main door of the convent insisting that he should see her. She made her way down the stairs to see what the commotion was all about. True enough, she found the stranger, who she had last seen standing in the street, waiting for her. Without a word, he handed her an envelope stuffed full with £50 notes.

“What’s this?” she asked.

“It’s your winnings Sister,” he replied, “Don’t Despair came in at 80-to-1.”

Monday is the feast day of St Anthony of Egypt, born c. 251, the religious hermit and one of the earliest Desert Fathers, considered the founder and father of organized Christian monasticism. His rule (book of observances) represented one of the first attempts to codify guidelines for monastic living. He died on this day in 356 in his hermitage near the Red Sea.

The ‘Bostey’ Christmas Donations
– Thank you for selecting us for the parish’s Christmas charity. As always, Holy Name parishioners were very kind and generous.  I haven’t finished the exact figures yet but we have received around £2,400 without the Gift Aid being included. This is amazing and will make a real contribution to support the work we are doing.  Thank you again and best wishes for the New Year. ~ Jodie Grieveson, Youth Project Manager at the Bostey (Jodie has worked at the Bostey for nearly 20 years but her connection with the Bostey started when she was just 8 years old attending the Saturday morning dance club. Over the years her role has developed from youth worker to youth work manager.)

Thank you to all to contributed to the Bostey, part of the St Anthony’s Youth Education Service. It supports children, young people and their families in in the parish of St Anthony’s in Walker. Donations by BACS can be made to (Account Name) St Anthony’s Youth Education & Support Sort Code:   40-35-05,  Account:   41483641. Further details are available from Helen Woods-Waters at h.woods-waters@anthonycareservices.org.uk

Birdwatching for Families – The last weekend in January is the National Big Garden Birdwatch to help the RSPB monitor the situation of garden birds (and for the pleasure of it!).  We would like to invite anyone interested to join in with one of these in the church garden after Mass on Sunday 30 January.  It will take place from after Mass (11am ish) until 12 midday.  If you do have binoculars, bring them along.  Further details are to follow but please register your interest with the parish secretary, Barbara, and let her know how many people would be coming potentially. ~ Ruth Gibson

Nature Notes – In January the great tits break their winter silence. On still, sunny days their two-note song will suddenly peal out. Have you heard it yet? Described variously as a squeaky bike pump, an unoiled wheelbarrow or even a blunt saw being sharpened, this “teach-er teach-er” song is actually a serenade. Even as these birds roam winter hedges in their foraging flocks scouring the countryside for the meagre fare of seeds, the males are reaching out for a partner. For us, the song announces that the wheel has turned and that although hibernal days remain, the momentum is now upwards towards the bright, light breeding days of spring. ~ Jonathan Tulloch in THE TIMES

The Sacrament of Confirmation
– For our Jesmond St Mary Partnership of parishes, Confirmation will be celebrated on 5 July 2022. The Sacrament open to anyone in Year 9 or above in secondary school who is a baptised Catholic. A preparation course for applicants will take place later in January. It will consist of six meetings , a Service in Lent and a Day Trip prior to July. For further information, please contact Gerard Shepherd/Nick McTernan on  (0191) 285 8894 or gerardshep@gmail.com. 

Church Synod 2022/23 – A summary of the responses received to the Holy Name Synod Questionnaire has been sent to everyone on our mailing list. It will be discussed with other parish responses at the next Partnership meeting on 2 February. There are videos available on the diocesan website that offer further formation and explanations of what the Synod is about. To view click here

Sunday is the birthday of Léo Delibes, born 1836, the French opera and ballet composer who was the first to write music of high quality for the ballet. His pioneering symphonic work for the ballet opened up a field for serious composers, and his influence can be traced in the work of Tchaikovsky and others who wrote for the dance. His own music—light, graceful, elegant, with a tendency toward exoticism—reflects the spirit of the Second Empire in France. He died in 1891.  

Diocesan Vacancy
– The Diocese is looking to appoint a Health and Safety Officer to co-ordinate and manage all aspects of health and safety across the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle. This will include, but is not limited to, ensuring that all Diocesan personnel are kept safe and that Diocesan properties and projects, and the associated activities, are safe and without risk as far as is reasonably practicable. The post is full-time and permanent. The closing date for applications is 27 January. For further information and details of how to apply please visit www.diocesehn.org.uk or telephone 0191 243 3301.

I now believe in the power of prayer – not because it works, but because it helps

Step Nosings – The inscribing of the text from St Matthew’s Gospel ‘Come to me all you who labour and are overburdened and I will give you rest…’ on the sandstone steps leading to the church main door will be completed on Monday. Thank you to Paul Bennett of Classic Masonry for such wonderful craftsmanship.

Catholic nurse wins discrimination claim over religious necklace – A Catholic nurse who was forced to resign after refusing to remove her necklace with a small cross pendant was “directly discriminated against and harassed” by a London NHS Trust, according to an employment tribunal ruling. Mary Onuoha, a theatre practitioner at Croydon University Hospital, Surrey, won a case for unfair dismissal, supported by the Christian Legal Centre. In June 2020, Mrs Onuoha was forced out of her job following what she described as a two-year campaign waged against her by superiors and NHS bosses. She had worked at the Croydon hospital for 19 years. For most of them she wore the necklace without any complaints from colleagues or patients. However, Croydon Health Services NHS Trust’s uniform policy prohibits the wearing of necklaces in clinical areas on the basis that they could be a health and safety risk. The tribunal found that she had been “singled out for an aggressive application” of the uniform policy and that this amounted to discrimination.

The ruling found that the wearing of jewellery that breached the trust’s uniform policy had been “rife” among staff. The ruling stated: “Noncompliance was very widely tolerated, hence the almost complete lack of documentation showing management action to enforce the policy against any individual other than the claimant.” Ms Onuoha stated that the trust allowed other employees to wear religious garments including headscarves and turbans and pointed out that staff were often expected to wear a lanyard with items hanging off it. In response to the ruling, the Croydon Trust stated that it had updated its uniform policy and apologised to the claimant. A spokesperson said: “It is important that NHS staff feel able to express their beliefs, and that our policies are applied in a consistent, compassionate and inclusive way.” The outcome of the case has wider implications, that employers cannot discriminate against employees for reasonable manifestations of faith in the workplace. ~ THE TABLET

Jesmond Community Forum – Brief details of some forthcoming events with further information are available at events@jesmondlibrary.org or telephone (0191) 2812385. You also can check the Forum’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/JesmondCommunityForum/ 

Jesmond Library Events
1:1 IT Support will be provided by Henry Aarvold at Jesmond Library Tuesday 1 February from 2 to 3pm for bookable appointments, or from 3 to 4pm to just drop in. 

Holy Name Book Club – Our next novel for discussion on 26 January is Isabel Allende’s “In the Midst of Winter”.  Here is a 2017 interview with the author about her novel.


Proud Catholics – Do you identify as LGBT+ or are you questioning your sexual or gender identity?  Would you like to attend a support group run by and for LGBT+ Catholics in the North East? We meet on the third Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm at St Andrew’s RC Church, Worswick St. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday at 7.30pm. We will dedicate this meeting to listening and sharing, prompted by questions from the Synod. The questions will explore some of the areas in which we are journeying together as a group within the Church. The meeting will be followed by social time. There will be the possibility to connect through Zoom for people who are not able or don’t feel safe to come to church. For more information, phone Isabel on 07858 934457, email proud.catholics@yahoo.com, or visit our website http://www.proudcatholics.co.uk

Thank you to everyone continuing to support the parish by Standing Order or by cheque. Your support is greatly appreciated, especially as our offertory income at Mass has declined, first due to the lockdowns and now the restricted number of people at Mass. If you wish to start contributing by Standing Order, here are the payment details: DHN Newcastle The Holy Name , Sort code: 40-34-18, Account number: 72010798.  Please add a reference (your name) so that we can identify your donation.


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