Welcome to the Church of the Holy Name in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

Church Closed – In light of the government’s clear advice for everybody still to ‘stay at home’ and to limit our contact with other households, our church is closed – except for funerals – until the current National Restrictions are lifted. The warnings about the highly contagious nature of the new strains of COVID-19 are quite stark. While churches in England may remain open for public Mass and other Services, I think it is wrong to continue to ask volunteer stewards, cleaners and others taking part in Mass to risk their health or be the potential cause of others being infected. We also have a moral duty not to do anything that would endanger the staff in our hospitals and the limited facilities of the NHS. As soon as the government’s advice changes we will consider reopening for Mass. In the meantime, stay safe!

All Masses at Holy Name are live-streamed:
Sunday 10.00am
Tuesday 10am
Wednesday 10.00am
Thursday 10.00am
Friday 10.00am

Even though the corona vaccines are now being administered here to protect us, this remains a time of uncertainty and even fear for many. The challenge for us is to go on trusting in God’s providence, as Jesus did in his darkest hours. He is the light in our darkness, the strength in our weakness and the comfort in our distress. May the courage and strength we draw from Him – and through our solidarity with each other – see us through these difficult days and enable us to be of assistance to those in need of support.

Although our parish groups cannot meet physically, you can keep in touch with our parish by visiting the Newsletter, Blog and Video pages on this website which are updated regularly. Suggestions for items to be included are welcome.

(Fr) Michael Campion

Who We Are

Holy Name is an open, friendly and generous Catholic community in the heart of Tyneside. In the spirit of Pope Francis, Bishop of Rome, our parish is welcoming to all:

Young or old,
married, single or divorced
– and whatever your gender or sexuality –
there is a place for you in our parish.

Our parish has a growing, talented congregation – growing in the numbers taking part in Mass, in the diversity of participants, including young families, and in the range of social, spiritual and cultural activities.

You will be most welcome to join us.

If you are not a regular church-goer but are searching for a spiritual home where you can find acceptance and God’s healing love, you will be especially welcome. You may be hesitant about doing this if you are visiting Holy Name for the first time or, perhaps, returning to church after an absence. If this is the case, and you so wish, our parish priest, Fr Michael Campion, would be happy to meet privately with you beforehand.

Holy Name is an inclusive, welcoming Parish. Here are just some of the activities we run and values we share that make our community so special.