The Holy Name Parish

The following was our submission to the diocesan Forward Together in Hope project that concluded in 2017 and led to the formation of Partnerships:

In the parish of the Holy Name, we have a beautiful church, a spacious community hall and a growing, talented and thriving congregation.

We are fortunate to have great people and physical assets. Our parishioners demonstrated through the ‘Forward Together in Hope’ process that they are keen to share and promote everything they have with others to ensure we thrive towards 2030.

We are a growing parish community – we are seeing growth in numbers taking part in Mass, regularity of attendance and the diversity of participants.

We have nurtured growth in our lay capacity both in terms of leadership and capacity to deliver.

We are a key component in the rich tapestry of the Jesmond / NE2 ”city village” community.  

We are committed to sharing our strengths with the parishes in our Partnership and in the Diocese as a whole.

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