Times of Services

Weddings are usually held on Saturdays but other days (not Sundays) are available for your celebration. On Saturdays the times available are from 11 am to 1 pm.


The normal fee for a wedding at Holy Name is £200.

For couples who reside in the parish and require the preparation service of the parish priest for their marriage taking place elsewhere, the fee is £50 when the documentation has been dispatched to the appropriate Church authority.

The fees for the organist and other musicians are listed below under ‘Music’.

If you require additional marriage certificates, please note the fee is £10 per copy.


We recommend that the rehearsal takes place well in advance of the day of the wedding. Only those directly involved in the ceremony are required to attend, e.g. the father of the bride, best man, bridesmaid(s) and readers but others are welcome.

The Wedding Ceremony

You are invited to plan your wedding ceremony with the priest. You may choose the Scripture Readings, compile the Intercessions and select the hymns and music for your ceremony. The priest will help you to do this.

Order of Service

You do not have to go to the expense of producing an Order of Service. However, if you require one, the priest will be very happy to advise and help you to compile it.  Here is an example of an Outline-of-The-Order-of-Matrimony-Without-Mass


The Catholic Church requires that music during your wedding ceremony should express the faith of the Church and be appropriate to the celebration. You are welcome to choose the music and hymns for your ceremony but we recommend that you do so in consultation with our resident Organist who will be very happy to discuss your music requirements.

The playing of pre-recorded music for weddings is not allowed – the only music permitted in the church is ‘live’ music which, as stated above, should express the faith of the Church and be appropriate to the celebration.

The resident Organist at Holy Name is Dr Gavin Hardy and he is expected to play for all weddings at Holy Name. His wedding fee is £150. He writes: ‘The music at your wedding service is one of the most important features of the day – I admit to being biased when I say that – and we are here to advise you and to make suggestions of the most suitable pieces you can have (remembering, of course, that it is your day and, as far as possible, we should be guided by you).  If you require more than just the organ, we can offer an all-inclusive package for £350 which would include the organist (who will play music whilst the guests are arriving, the entrance procession, hymns during the service, signing of the civil registers, and triumphal exit procession), a professional trumpeter (who will play during the entrance and exit processions, with the organ, and during parts of the hymns) and a professional solo baritone (who will sing during the signing of the registers – a piece chosen, of course, after consultation with you).’

Dr Hardy will be happy to discuss your music requirements and you may contact him at seaweedgav@outlook.com


You are welcome to engage a florist or flower arrangers of your choice.

Recording the Service

If you intend to have a recording made of your wedding in the church, we will need to know that a proper licence has been obtained. If your wedding is being recorded by a commercial firm, it already should have a current annual wedding recording licence – you must ask if it does and, if so, whether or not the firm has exceeded its allocation of 15 weddings per licence.

If a member of your family is recording the ceremony, you will need to obtain your own limited manufacture licence, which currently costs £15.

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