All 156 parishes in the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle are incorporated into 18 Partnerships.

A Partnership is a group of parishes agreeing to work together, to share resources, both human and material, to become stronger and better equipped for furthering the Kingdom of God.’ (Bishop Cunningham)

In addition to Holy Name, here are the other parishes in our Partnership with links to their websites:

St. Aidan’s, Benton,

St. Teresa’s, Heaton,

St. Lawrence’s, Byker,

Our Lady and St. Vincent’s, Newcastle;

St. Anthony of Padua, Walker.

St Mary’s, Forest Hall

The Partnership Development Group comprises one lay representative from each parish plus their clergy. The Partnership Finance Group comprises the lay Chairs of each parish Finance Committee and their clergy. Mrs Julia Firbank is Chair and Mrs Rachael Blackburn is Vice-Chair of the Development Group. Dr Mark Hayes is Chair and Mr Michael Howard is Vice-Chair of the Finance Group.

Fr David Smith, parish priest of St Anthony’s, Walker and St Columba’s, Wallsend is the Partnership Dean.

From April 2019 the Development Group and Finance Committee hold joint meetings.

Our Partnership Vision

At a joint meeting of the Partnership Committees, the following Vision was agreed for the Jesmond St Mary Partnership:

We are called to be:

A community of communities consisting of members whose discipleship has its source in the joy of the gospel and who:
* share the peace and joy of Christ;
* encourage others to a personal encounter with Him;
* centre their lives in the spirituality, prayer and liturgy of the Church;
* work together as equal partners in the mission to promote the Kingdom of God,      responding positively to all who are in need and being ready to reach out to other communities of all faiths and none;
* are welcoming and life giving to all;
* respond to opportunities for personal and group formation.

Our Partnership Litany 

St Mary of Jesmond—Pray for us                                              (Partnership)
St Mary, Help of Christians—Pray for us                                 (Secondary School)
St Mary of the Rosary—Pray for us                                          (Church & School)
Our Lady & St Vincent—Pray for us                                         (Church & School)
St Stephen—Pray for us                                                               (St Aidan’s School)
St Lawrence—Pray for us                                                            (Church & School)
St Alban—Pray for us                                                                   (St Anthony’s School)
St Aidan—Pray for us                                                                   (Church)
St Anthony of Padua—Pray for us                                              (Church)
St Catherine—Pray for us                                                             (St Dominic’s School)
St Teresa of the Infant Jesus—Pray for us                                 (Church & School)
Holy Name of Jesus—Have mercy on us                                   (Church)
Lord, have mercy on us and bless our Partnership.

Partnership Clergy Changes

Bishop Robert Byrne CO has announced the following changes: Fr Shaun O’Neill to become Parish Priest of St Teresa, Heaton, St Lawrence, Byker and Our Lady and St Vincent, Walker; Fr Arockia Mariadass Pagyasamy OCD to become Parish Priest of St Robert, Fenham, and English Martyrs, Newcastle, together with Fr John Juliet Ulaganathan OCD;  Fr Sean Hall to become Parish Priest of St Aidan, Benton, in addition to St Mary, Forest Hall.



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