To: Covid-19
From: octogenarian, female, single
Date: April 2020

you threaten to “take my breath away”
deprive me of human touch, simple hugs, hand clasping and gentle pats

because of you I no longer pop out to the shops
meet friends for coffee
enter my church, sing in my choir, read the lesson
visit a grieving neighbour
kiss my grandchildren, embrace my children, cuddle a new-born niece
get my hair cut, fix my toothache, sit in the park with a book

you transform language –
close to distant, join to separate, near to far, accompanied to alone

I have found
aloneness is not loneliness,
separation can enrich relationships
distance can enhance reflection,
chaos promote opportunity for change.

however long you last,
your pestilential hold is not immortal –
I am held by Other Hands.

“I will not forget you… I have held you in the palm of my hand “, (Isaiah 49: 15)

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