Thank you to everyone who has enquired about my progress and offered good wishes.

At long, long last – after five months – I am free of the foot/leg cast and able to walk with the aid of an Aircast ‘moon’ boot.

                            PhysioRoom                                  Elite Air Fracture Walker - Walker Boot

This allows you to walk, unlike a cast which restricts you to crutches, for the duration of the healing process. In my case, it means I can walk, without crutches, and to put full weight on my foot while doing so.

All going well, I hope to get back to full-time work by the first week or second week of July. In the meantime, I will be having physiotherapy and, God willing, a holiday.

I am most grateful to all the parish helpers for keeping the ‘show on the road’ in my absence and, not least, to Mgr Philip Carroll and Fr Paul Hopper who have been celebrating Mass.

~ Fr Michael Campion

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